400 000 thefts occur daily worldwide

Don't let it happen to you

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a BACKPACK designed to protect you from theft

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no zipper or pocket at the front of the bag

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so thieves can't reach in to your belongings

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built in HIDDEN zippers at the Back of the bag

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to maximize your safety and convenience

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No zippers or pockets at the front of the bag. The main zip is hidden at the back, covered by a flap. When you wear the backpack, the zippers are pressed securely against your back.

Travel & work Ready

A large bag capacity with multiple sized pockets for all your travel and work needs:


(1) Side pocket:
Handphone, charger

(2) Medium & large pocket:
DSLR camera, water flask

(3) Inner zip pocket:
Passport, money


(4) Laptop compartment:
Up to a 15 inch laptop

(5) Elastic buckle:
Secure files & documents in place

(6) Hidden side pocket:
Wallet, bus card, key



A laptop compartment with shock absorbing high density foam pads. The foam pads provide protection from accidental impact damage. The compartment fits a 15 inch* laptop.

*15 inch refers to the length of the laptop, not the screen width

Hidden pockets

Hidden pockets that are easy for you to access, but not anyone else. They are located at the lower back and at the side flap of the bag. These pockets are for frequent use items such as your wallet, handphone, bus card.

Water Resistant

The backpacks fabric is made up of layers of water resistant material, which means your belongings stay dry even when you are caught out in the rain.

Anti Sweat

The back pad is made of air permeable foam that feels light and soft on your back. It allows air to circulate freely, keeping your back dry and comfortable even during warm and humid weather

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