anti thief backpack

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400 000 pickpocket incidents happen daily worldwide

You may have various methods to protect against theft. They do work, but at what cost? You may have worn your backpack in front while in a crowded night market. You may have also fastened a padlock to the zippers on your bag. These are sound advice, but instead of enjoying the trip, you find yourself tensed and on alert, constantly watching over your belongings. The moment you let your guard down, you become vulnerable to theft.

When are you most vulnerable to theft?

Apollo Robbins, an expert pickpocket, advised that the most vulnerable target is someone who is distracted, if only for just a moment. Is the target texting? Are they enjoying the sights? These are signals they pay attention to. Apollo warns that pickpockets often work in groups, "A pickpocket would pretend to trip and fall to the ground. While everyone is looking at him, his team members will attack"

How does Tigernu protect you

Tigernu protects you when you are most vulnerable to theft. With the understanding of how thieves take advantage of distractions, Tigernu has been built to protect your belongings even when you are preoccupied. This is done by removing all exposed zippers and pockets from the front of the bag. Instead, the zip runs along the back of the bag, while the zipper is hidden under a flap. When you are on the move, the zipper is pressed securely against your back, away from prying fingers. 

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Anti Thief

Hidden zippers - No zippers or pockets at the front of the bag. The main zip is hidden at the back, covered by a flap. When you wear the backpack, the zippers are pressed securely against your back.

Travel & School Ready

A large bag capacity with multiple sized pockets for all your travel and school needs:

Side pocket (1) - for your handphone and charger

Medium pocket (2)- suitable for water bottles and flasks

Large pocket (2)- for DSLR cameras, headphones

Inner zip pocket (3) - valuables like passport, money, credit card

Padded laptop compartment (4) - fits up to a 15.6 inch laptop.

Elastic buckle (5) - keeps your books and folders in place

Hidden side/back pocket (6)(7) - frequently used - wallet, bus card

Hidden pockets

Hidden pockets that are easy for you access, but not anyone else. These are placed at the lower back and the side flap of the bag, for you to store frequently used items such as your wallet, handphone, bus card.

Hidden Back Pocket (7)

Water Resistant

The backpacks fabric is made up of layers of water resistant material, which means your belongings stay dry even when you are caught out in the rain.

Anti Sweat

The back pad is made of air permeable foam that feels light and soft on your back. It allows air to circulate freely, keeping your back dry and comfortable even during warm and humid weather.